Nowadays, thanks to the widespread development of the Internet, online casinos are gaining more and more popularity. Naturally, many people have a question – is it possible to make money in a casino without investments? The practice and experience of numerous gamblers shows that yes, it is possible. The fact is that in conditions of natural competition, various online casino sites try to attract players by all available means. And this situation opens up additional opportunities for many players that are worth taking advantage of. Of the most common and attractive options offered by casinos, it is worth highlighting welcome bonuses, free games (free spins) and lotteries.

Welcome bonuses

Using this opportunity, you can start playing slot machines for real money without investment. The essence of the proposal is that each new player, upon registration, is credited to the account a certain amount of game currency. It is possible to dispose of these funds within certain limits, that is, to place bets in various games. Moreover, in case of winning, you can withdraw the earned money to supported payment systems. Usually, virtual casinos do not impose special restrictions on the disposal of “welcome” funds, with the exception of the possibility of withdrawal. They can be used in the same way as if they were deposited by a gambler. In addition to the real opportunity to play at online casinos for real money without investments and win quite tangible sums, this system provides another opportunity. If a new player is a newcomer to this virtual casino, then it will be much easier for him to get comfortable, to understand all the subtleties and nuances of the process. This is a convenient psychological moment – a person is not so constrained in his actions when he risks not his real money.

Free games

The system of free games is widely used at most online casino sites, and due to its simplicity, accessibility and considerable chances for winning, it is popular among experienced players. The essence of such a proposal is as follows: the player is given the opportunity to play for free in a virtual casino with a withdrawal of money without investment a certain number of times. There are many variations in the application of this system. The free games themselves can be provided to the player when registering an account, as a welcome bonus, or issued during any promotions or events. The administrations of many virtual casinos hold such events quite often, which gives a real opportunity to earn and withdraw money.


Everything is simple here, as in any other lottery. The player is issued a ticket, for example, for registration. And at a certain time, a drawing is held, the results of which are immediately published on the online casino website. The winnings can be either real money or the internal game currency, free games or other bonuses. Prizes in lotteries, as well as the frequency of draws, are very diverse, everything here depends on the desire and creativity of the administration of the virtual casino.

So, is it possible to make money in online casinos without investments?

Most of the facts say that there is such a possibility. This is not at all a mandatory guarantee that the virtual casino will bring large and constant income to all players. This is impossible, but it is quite realistic to be among those players who really make money on virtual playgrounds. You need to show a serious attitude, carefully study all the subtleties and features of games and not give in to emotions. And then there is a high probability of getting a solid additional income from the casino without investing your own money.