Online Blackjack

Enjoy Online Blackjack with an Aussie Twist

One of the strongest attributes of Australia’s online Blackjack scene is its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Online, players can take their time and maximise their odds with careful and strategic manoeuvres and are even able to consult a fool proof basic online Blackjack strategy chart during play, whereas land-based casino tables can be intimidating to beginners.

Blackjack enthusiasts know that the game’s innate appeal lies in the unique challenge posed by every game. Few casino games, offline or online, give players the capability to so greatly affect the outcome of a game as does Blackjack. For this reason, strategy is very important to successful Blackjack play. Learn more about Blackjack success on our Blackjack Strategies page.

Alternate Blackjack Games and Variations

German (Siebzehn und Vier) and French (Vingt-et-un) variations of Blackjack – which is rare in casinos but commonly found in the military – include rules dictating that aces are always eleven and not able to be split; double aces, however, are also counted as Blackjack.

The American version of Blackjack that is sometimes called “Vegas Style” is also known by the title of “21st Century Blackjack” and was popularized in the state of California. This version allows players to push after going bust if and only if the game’s dealer held a higher number on the occasion of going bust.

British Pontoon is a version of Blackjack that is played by very different rules than those of the game’s traditional version. Australian Pontoon, however, is an entirely separate game, and is also called Spanish 21 in America; both of these games are closely related to traditional blackjack.

Elimination Blackjack is a new arrival on the scene. This innovative and fast-paced form of multiplayer Blackjack competition originated in the international tournament community and is modelled after wildly popular poker tournament style play. To learn more about Blackjack Tournaments, consult our tournaments page.