The eternal dispute between the gods Ra, who rules the day, and Bastet, the lord of the night, is vividly presented in the game Day And Night, which was released in August 2020 and made a splash in the world of online games. The creators tried their best to illuminate the picture of the ancient world, adding thematic design, music, sound effects and animation. The game has been translated into 7 languages and is available for mobile devices. When one of the gods wins, the player is rewarded with a Wild drum. Even the main game is full of interesting twists, the outcome of which can lead to a big jackpot. In one spin, you can add winning combinations for both sides. Many thanks to team for the demo game.


Features in the game

The developer has installed 6 reels (3 day and 3 night) and 4 rows with 20 different payout variations. The slot is based on HTML5 technology, which allows you to fight even on a smartphone. Thanks to the large number of features, the game is unforgettable. RTP is above average and is 96.38%. Due to the low volatility, the winnings are small but frequent, which allows you to stay in the game for a long time. You can bet from 20 cents to 280 euros, while the maximum jackpot will exceed the bet by 12,500 times.

The general essence of the main game

One coil can only belong to one of the gods. So, the day drum (D) is subject to Ra, and the night (N) – to Bastet. The game starts harmoniously according to the DDDNNN scheme. In this case, coil D cannot be among N and vice versa. The same principle applies to the search for Wilds and Jokers: Ra owns daytime ones and Bastet – nighttime ones. There are a lot of similar nuances in the game:

• when there are more wilds of the day god, the Ra side earns a night reel, turning it into Wild;

• if the jokers of Bastet prevail over Ra, then the night absorbs the reel and transforms it into wild symbols;

• when the day wilds are in the last part of the Day reel and the night wilds are not on the Night side, then two adjacent reels become Day Wild, and vice versa. At the same time, the game does not provide for a wild multiplier, a game for doubling and a progressive jackpot, which can upset high rollers.

Day and night free spins

The main bonus system in the slot is the spin function. Here, all boundaries are shifted and all 6 reels can belong to one god. Upon receiving all the reels, the sun deity bestows the player with ten spins, which can only be spent during the day. Each of them brings from 1 to 24 wilds of Ra. They cannot overlap each other, but they can remain on the reels. The main thing is to remember that daily rotations do not start on the second circle. Nightly Free Spins follow the same principle. That is, if there are 6 reels, the cat lady night will provide 10 spins, but the jokers will become sticky for the whole round. The gift also cannot be re-scrolled.


Perfect graphics and a pleasant musical tune with sound effects in tense moments will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient Egypt. The battle between day and night looks great with two different types of free spins and an addictive base game.